Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Faith Life Family Episode 11 with Navis Pictures President Producer Director Jim Morlino

Faith Life Family Episode 11 with Jim Morlino - President, Navis Pictures ( Missy D'Aconti ( began the program with an overview of what will be discussed on Episode 11 including the three (3) movies produced/directed by Jim Morlino (Jim): "How to Make a Movie" "St. Bernadette of...

Hungry for More Episode 51: Be Catholic Why Bother Part 1

"Hungry For More" Episode 51 "Be Catholic, Why Bother? Part 1" with Isabel Smith As customary, Al Smith ( ( began the show with a Prayer from St. Teresa of Avila. #carmelitenun #spanishmystic The conversation began with Al speaking about the conference, Heroic Catholicism, that he attended.  A...

Fiat Ministry Show Episode 56: with Kevin Kukla Talking Pro Life

Kevin Kukla, Pro Life, Abortion Contraception, Assisted Suicide,, Catholic Podcastvideo
Fiat Ministry Show Episode 56 with Kevin Kukla ( "Human Life is Precious from Its Beginning to its Natural End" - St. Pope John Paul II Brother Kent Kuholski ( began Episode 56 with a prayer. #alwaysstartwithprayer After a brief introduction by the Host, Kent Kuholski, Kevin Kukla...

Joseph Dutton

Catholic Television, Fiat Ministry Network
Here in Hawaii we are so blessed to have two (2) Saints associated with our State.  They are Saint Damien & St. Marianne Cope. St. Marianne Cope's replacement in the servicing of the lepers in Kalapapa on the Island of Molokai was Joseph Dutton.  I...

Faith Life Family Episode 10: with Fr. Donald Calloway MIC

Fr. Donald Calloway,, Champions of the Rosary, Rosary, Catholic Podcastvideo
Faith Life Family Episode 10 with Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC ( "If I had an army to say the Rosary, I could conquer the world." - Blessed Pope Pius IX Missy asked Fr. Calloway to begin this Episode with a prayer. After a quick introduction by Missy, Fr....

Hungry For More Episode 50: I Am Never Tired of Talking About the Lord and His Church

Lord, Catholic Podcastvideo
"Hungry For More" Episode 50 "Water Cooler Talk" with Kent Kuholski ( As customary, Al Smith ( ( began the show with a Prayer from St. Teresa of Avila. #carmelitenun #spanishmystic Al introduced the Founding Member of the Fiat Ministry Network, Kent Kuholski. #foundingmember Al shared that he...

Faith Life Family Episode 9: The Most Blessed Sacrament Love and Protect It

Most Blessed Sacrament, Corpus Christi, Eucharistic Prayer, Eucharistic, Holy Communion, Catholic Podcast
Faith Life Family Episode 9 The Most Blessed Sacrament: Love & Protect It Gloria, Lavs, et Honor, Tibi Sit Rex Christe Redemptor (Latin for "Glory, Praise and Honor to Thee, O King, Christ, the Redeemer) - 1962 Daily Missal Missy ( began this Episode by explaining that...

Faith Life Family Episode 8: with Director Daniel diSilva The Original Image of Divine Mercy Film

Daniel diSilva, "The Original Image of Divine Mercy", Divine Mercy, Divine Mercy Painting, Catholic Podcast
Faith Life Family Episode 8 with Guest Daniel diSilva ( Being a true Team Player, Al Smith ( ( stepped in to Host this Episode of Faith Life Family for the "under the weather" Missy D'Aconti ( Hope you feel better soon Missy! Daniel is the Director/Producer...

Hungry For More Episode 49: David Gilbert talking about Evangelization

David Gilbert, Evangelization, Tim Staple, Tanya Granic Allen, Heroic Catholicism, Serviam Ministries, Catholic Podcast, Fiat Ministry Network
"Hungry For More" Episode 49 Evangelization with David J. Gilbert ( As customary, Al Smith ( ( began the show with a Prayer from St. Teresa of Avila. #carmelitenun #spanishmystic  David ( began by advising the audience that his wife is pregnant adding another Life to...

Fiat Ministry Show Episode 55: with Normand Robert

Normand Robert, #personalwitness, #faithjourney, Fiat Corner, #alwaysstartwithprayer, Catholic Podcast
Fiat Ministry Show Episode 55 with Normand H.J. Robert ( "In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven." - Matthew 5:16  Brother Kent Kuholski (